"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Roger Caras

Anđela Ban - about me


Dogs have always been by my side (or me by theirs?)...

When I grew up and was able to make decisions, my choice was - Airedale Terrier.

It was love at first sight; why - I don't know. Although at Dog Shows they were eye-catching, my knowledge about them was next to nothing... still, all I knew was that I wanted one of my own!

Back in 1977, prof dr sc Mensur Šehić had Airedale Terrier litter, as there were no boy puppies he talked me into taking a girl - ARNA, and thus the story begun. Soon things went "out of the hand" and before I knew I became a breeder. The one person "guilty" for all of that is prof Šehić and I owe him my eternal gratitude.

Arna, my first Airedale TerrierWith my Arna I learned about Airedale Terriers, but after more than 30 years living with them I'm still discovering new things... Every dog is a story of its own, every one has its own personality and every one teaches me something new.

Living with Arna hooked me with dogs.

First serious instructions about dogs I got from Mr. Branimir Vučetić. Thanks to him I obtained my SchH working exam with my two dames - Arna and Fiora. Working with Mr. Vučetić helped me not only with my exam but I implemented all that experience to my living with other dogs. Without that knowledge it would be impossible to have so many dogs, from one to even 32...

All of my dogs live at home with me and are equal family members. As far as I'm concerned, other ways of handling dogs are simply not appropriate.

Then it was 1983 and at a dog show I spotted Kerry Blue Terrier, HIPPY VON FIGARO (by Owner Mr. Horst Prelisauer from Germany), and again - love at first site.

Asta, my first Kerry Blue TerrierGiving up was no option to me, so finally Mr. Prelisauer chose a Hippye's daughter for me - all my gratitude for Kerry Blue Terrier breeding goes to him. That bitch was ASTA VON HERSCHWAND, first Kerry Blue Terrier in Croatia, and her first litter marked the beginning of Kerry Blue Terrier breeding in Croatia.

So, after 28 years, I'm very proud to have top Kerry Blue Terriers for such a long time. Undoubtely, that is the result of careful breeding and deliberate selection of mating dogs.

Third breed I breed - West Highland White Terrier - came into my life actually by accident. As much as I try to remember, I simply don't know how it happened. Mr. Jean-Pierre and Mrs. Julianne Gachelin had lived for some time in Zagreb.

Bajda, my first West Highland White TerrierThey had a beautiful bitch bred in USA, from champion litter made by mating top american and swedish lines. In 1990 her owners borrowed her to me for breeding, and she simply stayed with me until she died. Bajda was the first female West Highland White Terrier in Croatia, and her first puppies were also first West Highland White Terrier litter in Croatia.

It's impossible to list by name all wonderful people from whom I learned a lot; those are great and famous european and world breeders, as well as numerous croatian cynologists. Each of these contacts brought me some use, some new knowledge.

As I said, it's impossible to list all who helped me in various ways through all these years, and I want to thank them this way, from the bottom of my heart.

Cynological judge exam was logical continuance and supplement to my breeding, working with dogs and dog exhibiting. I'm the international judge for following groups:


  • FCI 1 - official breeds
  • FCI 2 - official breeds and section 1
  • FCI 3 - all breeds
  • FCI 9 - Tibetan Terrier and Boston Terrier


I'm co-founder of Airedale Terrier Club and Terrier Club and perennial president of both clubs.

Above all mentioned, I groom all my dogs (solely) by myself. I base my dog breeding on good dogs from quality lines, that's precondition for numerous dog show successes, as well as for healthy and happy dogs.

Dandy Black & Blue Home

I can't count the number of my national and international champions, world and european winners and other prestigeous titles. Beside that, there are various acknowledgments, recognitions and diplomas for cynology development, grooming competition awards... One of the most significant and my dearest success is my Rokoko's climbing to the top of dog world - a really exquisite Kerry Blue Terrier.

So after all that time, when I turn back, I realise what kept me in what I do - just love. Love for the dogs is the string that connects me to everything I do with them - breed, show, live together, groom... That's my life. That's why I claim:



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