"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Roger Caras

Airedale Terrier


The Airedale terrier is a hunting dog, the largest member of the terrier group. Due to his size, diversified abilities and intellegence the Airedale also is widely known as "King of the Terriers".

The Airedale originated in Great Britain, Yorkshire near the river Aire, from where the name was taken. The Airedale has only 150-year but smashing history.

Hunting for otters, rats and martens was very popular in Great Britain in the 18th centure. Small land owners had a lot of trouble with those vermins. So they were eager to get a dog able to hunt on land as well as near water. Crosses between otterhound, English black and tan terrier and some other terriers resulted in a dogs which got later name Airedale terrier.

Having inherited all distinguishing feature of terrier and being an excellent swimmer, Airedale was used to hunt otter, badgers, water rats, weasels, foxes and deer. Originally the breed was known as the Waterside Terrier, later the Bingley Terrier, because there were many of them in Bingley village ,Yorkshire. In the end in 1886 English Kennels Club tagged the name Airedale to their book.

In 1892 a club devoted to the Airedale breeding was created. The breeders started to pay more attention to the exterior. They won their way very quickly. The Airedale acquired the excellent exterior and desposition, became popular with the opulent English people and appeared the show rings.

Soon the Airedale proved to be not only a hunting dog and a home pet but also a very good guard god, messenger and police dog. The Airedale were used during the First and Second world Wars as Messengers and couriers. Police in France, Russia and Great Britain also use these dogs for many duties.

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